About GicaArt

       Jessica has been working at her art since she was a little girl. Back then, her younger siblings had difficulty pronouncing her name. It came out, "Gica" (pronounced "Geekah"). The nickname stuck among her family and closest friends and since that time, she has been signing her art pieces "Gica".

       Over the years through her constant devotion to artistic creativity and her persistence in perfecting it through various expressions of art, the works have grown into what is now called "GicaArt".  Pieces exist in watercolor, acrylics, oils, quilts, stained glass, painted furniture, custom-built furniture, and articles of clothing exquisitely embroidered. 

         Her body of work spans fifty plus years and five continents. In the Archives, this website will display and provide the current market value CMV for many of the older works which have already been sold. GicaArt will provide, upon request, and at a nominal fee, certificates of authentication, to owners of these pieces.

       Owners of art works that bear the distinctive "Gica" signature but do NOT appear on this website, may inquire as to their authenticity and apply for certificates and appraisals as well.   

In the GicaArt Gallery, newer creations are made available for art enthusiasts, collectors, and investors. These are pieces that will outlast us all and will continue to appreciate in value as time passes and as the demand for them grows.

           Member Springfield Regional Arts Council.

           See her work on their website: http://SpringfieldArts.org 

          So, welcome to GicaArt's new website and to a view of the world and the people in it as seen and portrayed through her eyes.

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       GicaArt spans fifty years and five continents. The pieces viewed on this website do not represent the complete works of the artist. Therefore we are offering a verification, item #, and current market value (cmv) for any GicaArt pieces not appearing on this website at present. We will include your treasure in the archives as an authentication that it is an original Gica work of art. We look forward to hearing from you.

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